Sunday, May 28, 2017


Getting everything done for the girls school, projects, tests, and other none fun stuff. I think we are more happy then they are that summer is almost here :)
I have tried to figure out why it won't let me post pictures using my cell phone. It will only show if I take the picture 😕
Which now that I think about it should not be a big deal... 😶 I need sleep...

Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Feb-March

I was ready to start this year right, but I got hit with pleurisy three times in less then 4 months, that really freaked me out since I have them perhaps 2-3 times a year and always months apart, but this time it was month after month.
For those who don't know what pleurisy is pleas check Google.

My experience with pleurisy has always been the same
* chest pain
* Burning sensation on my back (mostly shoulder area)
* My entire right arm always feel so uncomfortable
* I can't lay down, it becomes the painful thing for me to do, it is as though someone is grabbing my lungs and squeezing tight.
* cant walk a lot, it hurts to breath when i try to run.
* At times it is like someone jabbing a knife in my chest when i try to sit down and stand up right after.

It is not fun and it is something that a Doctor can't just diagnose, I had been misdiagnosed for over 10 years before someone finally figures it out. But they made it sound like there is no Cure for this, since its an infection of the lungs, all he can do is give me pain killers, (that don't work) and just plenty of rest.. well that's all fine and dandy for them, I have two girls to take care of and work overnights, This infection just messes everything up..

I am thankful for my job that gave me the time i needed to feel better, but the only problem is that I have bills to pay, and since I can't predict when it happens I dont have time to apply for medical leave, due to it lasting anywhere from 3 days to a week, For now I am just eating healthy and trying to go out with my girls more to the park,

There is more stuff going on at home that have been taking up my free time, But i hope to get all that settled.

Some famous people who had pleurisy::

* Benjamin Franklin
* Rudolph Valentino
* Anna Pavlova
Sir Robert Chesebrough
* Ringo Starr
* LeBron James
* Ken Griffey Jr.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

kid at heart

Grumpy Bear and her lost blanket

I have decided to start over on my blog.
I have been working on a book, mostly on my free time, and so I do hope to get it done and published this year. I love reading to my two girls and have come up with so many silly stories for them that I have started to write them down.

This year I hope to get my etsy started, and work more on my website, though i do have plans on shutting it down, and just adding my Gallery on my blog.
I'll just see how that goes.